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Physician marketing is a struggle for most clinics, it’s the thought of cold calling that sets most people off.  And why wouldn’t it?  If you had someone you had nothing in common with contact you, and they presented you with some long list of why YOU should help THEM, the chances of you not rolling your eyes would be slim.  Here are a few ideas and tips to help you break down the barrier between you and potential Healthcare Professional partners within your market:


How to Tear Down the “Cold Call” Feeling

Create an intro letter that tally’s up the number of patients you have in common with the healthcare professional.  This tears down the barrier and presents an existing partnership in healthcare that they may not have known about.  If you need help with this, Phonak Canada has a great content writing team at your disposal, along with a template to writing these intro letters using data from your patient database software.



How to be seen as someone that respects their time and education

Instead of sending some big box of magazines and hearing health materials, hand deliver easy to digest fact sheets each month or quarter, detailing the latest facts on how hearing loss affects their patients and how they can help.  This shows that you respect their time and education on the latest in hearing health, it also cultivates new reasons for them to refer patients to your practice; once the partnership is established.  Phonak Canada has a wide variety of these fact sheets to brand for your clinic, just let us know if you need any assistance.





How to build a fun relationship with their Front Office Team Members

Fax over fun hearing health games to the attention of the healthcare professional’s team, offering a complimentary pizza lunch if they fax it back before the end of the week.  This is a great way to build a “real” relationship with the team members that are ultimately key stakeholders in the referral process.  Phonak Canada can create these fun faxable games to fax over with a copy of an educational one pager to help them solve it.  This not only comes across as fun and rewarding, but it educates them on the latest facts about hearing health.





Request a Marketing Conference Call with your Regional Sales Manager using the form on this page, to learn about these and other suggestions we have available for you to build a stronger Medical Professional Partnership Program.