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Phonak Canada’s new Telephone Performance Coaching program, delivers a private coach to each of your Front Office Call Handlers, dedicated to helping them discover new ways to approach challenges within their day-to-day call handling efforts.


What is Telephone Performance Coaching?

Your front office staff is an integral part of your sales team. In most cases, they are the first human-to-human interaction that your patients have with your clinic.


Phonak’s Telephone Peformance Coaching program provides one-on-one virtual coaching with each member of your call handling team. Including clinic owner and management coaching to help you understand the best way to introduce and motivate this highly impactful program amongst your team members, and team coaching to help you build a coaching culture.


What are the Benefits?

  • Empower yourself and front office staff with specific communication skills and coaching to increase conversion
  • Improve overall patient experience and satisfaction
  • Optimize your ability to turn leads into appointments


What are the costs involved?

To learn more about this program, or for a custom package to match the needs of your team, please contact your Regional Sales Manager using form to request further information.