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Phonak’s new eScreener allows you to easily create your own branded eScreener, with customizable call to actions that can be integrated into your Clinics Website as a lead capture tool.

Why Include an eScreener as Part of Your Marketing Strategy?

An eScreener integrated into your website can be a great way to help your clinic capture leads. Our research has shown that many individuals are searching the web for self-serve hearing assessments, and although digital screeners are not a replacement for complete in-clinic hearing assessments, they can be an powerful tool within your appointment conversion strategy.


How it Generates Appointments

Using the customization features built into Phonak’s eScreener tool, you can activate up to four call to actions for visitors to use at the end of your eSreener. Here are some suggested call to actions:


  • Schedule an Appointment
  • Request a Callback
  • Ask us a Question
  • Download our Free Healthy Hearing eBook

If a user reaches the end of one of your eScreener’s and completes the “Request a Callback” call-to-action, you will receive a notification with their results, contact information, and requested action.


How do I use the eScreener in my marketing efforts?

By integrating your branded eScreener as a call to action within your marketing campaigns, you can offer a simple self assessment experience to those exposed to your marketing initiatives, helping you to capture more leads and actively measure your marketing efforts.


Take a tour of the escreener using the button below:



How to Access eScreener

Please use the form on this page to contact your Regional Sales Manager to request your eScreener access in  Once activated in your account, you will find an “eScreener” link in your account. From here you will be able to create eScreeners and access your lead capture results.