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Phonak’s “Hearing Clinic Marketing Planning Tool” will help you to quickly identify opportunities you may be missing within your existing Patient Journey and Annual Marketing Plan.  Your Phonak Regional Sales Manager and Clinic Marketing team will work with you to complete the tool during your marketing planning session.  During the meeting the team will suggest and initiate projects from the plan that will support your team in reaching it’s full potential throughout the year.  Here is a quick breakdown of the benefits and features built into this tool:



Identify your Existing and Planned Marketing Initiatives

During your complimentary marketing planning session your Regional Sales Manager and Clinic Marketing Team will work with you to identify all of your existing and planned marketing initiatives for the next twelve months.  This exercise is an important process to help you understand where your dollars go, which marketing categories you’re missing, and which part of your patient journey is receiving more attention over others.  The tool is designed in a way that will help us identify opportunities you may be missing in your plan.  It’s also a great way to set your deadlines for changes to creative needs throughout the year!


The Magic of Phonak’s Marketing Planning Tool

Once you have your existing and planned initiatives identified, Phonak’s marketing planning tool springs into action, sorting each initiative into stages of your patient journey, marketing categories, and a month over month calendar.  This is the magic that will feel simple, and yet so beneficial to your strategic planning efforts.


What to do once everything comes into view

Your Marketing Planning Tool provides you with an complete overview.  It’s a way to ensure you’re doing everything you can, from a marketing standpoint, to grow and optimize your clinic.  You still need to execute a lot of items from the plan, which where your Club Alps membership really comes in handy.  Your Phonak Clinic Marketing Team are here to produce a number of projects for you throughout the year.  You can think of us as an external marketing department to your clinic, always having your growth at the top of our mind.


Please use the form on this page to contact your RSM to schedule a complimentary Marketing Planning Session, and receive your own Marketing Planning Tool.